Top 5 Profitable Businesses An NYSC Youth Corper Can Do To Earn

We are going to show you, the top 5 profitable businesses that best fit a serving Corps Member.
If you have been searching for a business to start as a 'Corper', this article will help you.

This article covers the top five (5) business ideas which are most suitable for 'corpers.

Below Are The Highlights Of The Top 5 Businesses For NYSC Corper:
You can start any of the businesses highlighted below with a little capital.
1. Data Sharing

Data sharing business is easy to start. With little capital you can start-up the business.
Data sharing business involves selling data for MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9Mobile.
You don't need to rent a shop before you can start. The best way to market this business is via social media platform like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc. Try this, and you will be glade you did.


2. Freelancing
Freelancing is also among the top profitable businesses you can easily start as a corps member. A freelancer is a person who does projects for different companies, but not an employee to any of the companies. Example: A freelance writer can write for a blog and get paid.
You can start freelancing job as a Youth corper. It is very easy to start, just identify a niche where you have comparative advantage and start marketing yourself.
There are several freelance websites on the internet, some of the most popular ones are; Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc.

3. Mini-Importation
Mini Importation is another good business you can do during your service year. However, this business is strictly for youth corpers with hustling spirit.
Mini-importation business involves bringing goods from other countries like China, Uk, US, etc in small quantities and resell them in your location to make a profit. It is a viable business and many people have become millionaires through mini importation.
However, you have to do a thorough research before you import any product. Ensure that the product you are importing will solve a problem for those in your location.


4. Photography Photography is among the top profitable businesses you can do as a corps member. If you don't have this skill, start learning it before you go for NYSC. Design a complimentary card and share to people around.
In no time, you will be the one covering most events and occasions around your PPA.

5. Private Tutoring
Private tutoring is another good business you can do as a Corps Member. Those that love teaching will enjoy this better. It is very easy to start, tell some friends around your PPA.
Make posters which advertise your teaching skills. and post it in schools and in other strategic places.
If you are good in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, you will make so much money.


  1. Good business listed but however corper can also work as a digital marketer by leaveraging on it inorder to make cool money from the stuff.


  3. For the data sharing I can give you free seminar on that and help you to become a vtu agent. Am into it and it pays.

  4. Pls am interested on the data sharing and it's urgently needed.thanks