Why the next NYSC Batch in July is Batch 'B', and not Stream2

The National Youth Service Corps  (NYSC) has said the next batch is going to be called-up in July 2018, but to some people it is not clear to them if the next batch is going to be Stream2 of Batch A or just Batch 'B'.  The name the next bears matters a lot because it would enable Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) know how to plan for themselves or atleast know the next step would look like: 'to travel or not', 'to get job or not', 'to resign from work or not' or to just wait for the clarion call.

In this article, we are going to disclose what the next Batch is and what you should be expecting in July.

All you may know for now is that the next batch is coming up in July; but after going through this article you would be able to tell if the coming-up batch in 'July' is stream2 or Batch B.

Why the next batch in July is not stream2

1. NYSC has abolished the use of streams e.g Batch A(Stream1 & 2) and Batch B(stream 1&2) and resorted to 3 batches instead. To butrees this point, the NYSC calender for the year 2018 contains only 3 batches (A,B&C) without making mention of streams. Also, reliable sources from NYSC confirmed this to be true.

 2. NYSC did not classify the first batch in April as Batch 'A' stream1. Certainly, if there is no Batch 'A' stream1, there is not going to be Batch 'A' stream2. [Use your common sense]

3. NYSC classified April Batch as Batch 'A' without any suffix, meaning that the next batch will be classified as Batch 'B' without any suffix.

4. The gap for stream2 of any batch to enter NYSC Orientation camp after Stream1 is usually one month, but from April to July is about 3-month gap.

The above points are clear evidence that NYSC has returned to its previous system of having 3 batches in a year without streams but this time in an unusual way.

Source: otondo.com.ng

Below is what makes it unusually or strange

We would have easily concluded that the July batch is actually Batch B, but we observed that Batch B coming up in July is unusually.
NYSC said there won't be fresh registration for July batch. If this will be true, then why can you have a new batch without accepting new registration. This means that all those that have registered in April will be called "Batch B" instead of "Stream2".

 What you should be expecting
Please, be expecting that NYSC might decide to open its registration portal in July, but will first consider taking all those who have registered in April, those that will revalidate or remobilized and then complete them with few people that will Register in July; that is, if they did not get up the required number of Prospective Corps Members from the remnants of April Batch A.

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  1. Anonymous11:16 am

    Pls hlp shed more light on this ��
    Can a married corper do change of name on acct to husband name or d name on d statement of result

  2. I do not understand your question, please explain what you mean clearly so that I can answer it.
    Thank you.

    1. Anonymous9:31 am

      As regardz d new opening of acct in camp and linking of bvn no can a corp member who got married after graduation do change of name to d husband name so DAT d name can correspond wit d husband name used for regiatration or leave d maiden name as it is on the acct .hope it won't has any effect wen linking it wit bvn in camp. Tnx sir

  3. Every married corps member should also change their maiden's name on their bank acct to their husband's name. It is very important!

  4. I want to revalidate my registration in July, will I be able to do it if NYSC doesn't open their portal for fresh registration?

  5. Anonymous8:24 am

    Is NYSC releasing another list before november?

  6. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Why are contradicting yourself? You said NYSC said there won’t be fresh mobilization, yet you said there might be? If there won’t be most schools have started their premobilization since the beginning of this month. If they’ll be mobilizing in November, then why register in April? If truly July is for Batch B, then there will definitely be a fresh mobilization, because the remnants are not even up to 50% of Batch A.

  7. Anonymous5:17 am

    Please Will there be fresh registration for more people to join those going for July batch?

  8. Some of us were not even mobilized in my school and what they told us is that we will register with this July batch s o I don't understand this people you people should know if there would be reg or not

  9. My school have published names of Batch b on the notice board yet none of us has ever seen our names on the online senate list. Pls what could be the cause?

  10. Pls.. In the case of does that did new registration by July which I believe is batch b, and were told you aren't on this stream you will be notified when to print your call up letter.. Pls when are we to be expecting to go to camp like that?

  11. Please its batch B stream 2 going for service by August?

  12. Pls if someone is having 3 names in his or her bvn and in his result is having 2 names would dis one affect the person in terms of opening new account in the camp

  13. I was to report to camp 24july by had issue nd am tryin to revalidate bt t is written I will b told wen to print my call up letter. Is it dat I 've bn revalidated automatically fr August?