6 Secrets You Need To Know About NYSC July Batch

6 Secret You Need To Know About July Batch
By: Vivian Ngozika
There has been so many wrong information about the NYSC coming-up batch in July which have been propagated by social media users.

1. NYSC has not officially cancelled "Streams". The truth is; NYSC after several calls to its officials didn't give a certain specific answer to whether it has cancelled 'streams' or not.

2. The Suggestion that NYSC has abolished or cancelled 'streams system' has its roots in:
  • The NYSC Calender which did not mention 'Streams' but do only mentioned 'Batch A, B & C'.
  • NYSC sent a message across to all Batch 'A' PCMs, those who were not able to print-out their call-up letters. The content of the message said the reason was because they were not in Stream 1. But later, not up to 8hours, NYSC changed the message and replaced it with one that says they will be notified when to print their call-up letter in July without mentioning Stream in the second message.
But contrary to this, NYSC time table for 2018 Batch 'A', "Stream 1" was mentioned.

3. The NYSC 2018 supposed "Stream2"  PCMs are not many.
Another fact is that the remnants of NYSC Batch 'A' that were scheduled to go by July are just few. The reason is because some high institutions submitted their Senate list late which made NYSC to reject it.
This in turn reduced the numbers of the mobilised PCMs, and the remnants of Batch 'A' are too small to form Batch 'B'.

4. Streams are still the best option.
Stream I & II does not just appeared from the thin air. It was adopted as a result of the growing population of graduates. So, the capacity of NYSC camps across Nigeria cannot contain too many Corps Members.
This is what gave birth to the idea of streams so that NYSC can be able to manage the large population of our graduates. In case you don't understand, cancelling streams is synonymous to reducing the number of graduates that serve every year. NYSC would be tougher since graduates would stand in queue for fews years before it gets to their turn to serve.

5. There will be fresh registration in July
Many have been asking if there will be new registration in July. The answer is "Yes". Recall that I pointed out NYSC rejected some list due to late submission, thinking new list will be added because of the small number will be promising.

6. NYSC management is still quiet.
The NYSC Management has always been known  for debunking rumours. In the past,  NYSC always come out and debunk any slightest rumour, but this time, they have been silent. But can they debunk rumour if the rumour is in fact the truth. Maybe that is why they are quiet at this time.

Now you know the secret, you can then decide what to believe.


  1. Please what about those that were mobilised and posted in April but dor one reason or another couldn't report to camp. Will they automatically be reposted?

    1. They Need to do "revalidation"

  2. Please what of people who were mobilized but because thier result to take to camp was not ready didn't register then,can we hen register when the portal pen on Tuesday.

  3. Pls my mobilization date was 28 March but my school couldn't meet up, pls is there hope for me to go by this July