Best 10 States To Serve As An NYSC Member In Nigeria

This post is very important, it is about the best 10 state for NYSC service. It is going to help you, especially when considering the best states to choose during NYSC online registration.

Please, be informed that all states are good.

Below are the best ten(10) states to serve as a corps member

1. Lagos State
Lagos is the best in our list. The state is the former Nigeria Capital, the standard of living may be high, but you can still get some cash to support yourself. In Lagos, job opportunity is high than other states in Nigeria. You have hundred of recruiting companies to submit your CV; you can get job and settle down after your service year. There is a saying that anything you do in Lagos and do it hard, then you will make money from it.

2. Abuja FCT
Abuja is the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, the cost of living may be high, but you will enjoy the place. Most of the private companies in Abuja pay big money as allowances to corps members serving in their establishment. There are job opportunities, and almost everywhere is developed, security is very tight.

3. Kano State
Kano state is very good, things are very cheap, making it possible for savings. In Kano you can save most of your earnings.
A friend of mine who finished from Kano was even claiming the place is better than Lagos. You might want to give it a shot

4. Ogun State
Wow, Ogun made the list. You can ask people who finished from there. In Ogun everywhere is a place of Opportunity.

5. Plateau State
This is one of the best place you can serve. You will live large and still have savings. Normal standard of living, cheap food stuffs, cheap transportation and more…

6. Akwa Ibom State
Akwa Ibom is among the best. State allowances for Corps Members are high to compare to other states. Generally, things are good in Akwa Ibom, ask those who finished from the state.

7. Enugu State
Enugu state is very good for NYSC. There is light and water in Enugu. Security is very tight. You will enjoy serving in Enugu.

8. Rivers State
Someone reading this is already jumping to testify Rivers State is one of the best.

9. Cross River State
Calabar is the capital city. You won't regret it

10. Osun State
Osun made it in the list. It is one of the best. Very peaceful, good electricity and a place to bring any dream to reality.

11. If I am permitted to include another state, I would say Anambra. Anambra state is ok, they pay state allowance more than other states.

Note: Our ranking is based on the following:

  • Location
  • Infrastructure
  • State Allowances 
  • Job Opportunities
  • Exposure
  • Activities
  • Security
  • Corps Members Testimonies
Remember, no state is bad. And also, NYSC is not about looking for the best place, but it is more about making where you are posted the best.
Thank you as you share.

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