How To Get Free UK number For Calls And texts Messages

Get Free UK number in your Country
With the power of technology, you can now use a UK number in your home country with just a few clicks.

It is called, virtual phone number, because you don't need a "SIM card" for this to work.
If you have the virtual UK number, anyone who calls the UK number, the call will be diverted to your local phone number or landline. However, the service is free and does not attract any charge.

Now, Let Us Get Started On How You Can Get The Free UK number in your home country.

Warning: The information we shared here is only for educational purposes, we do not take responsibility for any misuse. 

To get started, follow the steps below:

1. Visit

2. Go to 'Select Country' and
choose your country (Nigeria),

3. Select, 'Landlines or mobiles.

You will see a provision for you to add your local mobile number.

4. Add your local phone number. (without without your country code and the first 0 in your number) 
E.g. If your number is 08077777777 and your Country code is +234. Enter it like this,
After adding your phone number,
click on 'click to get your phone number'.

In the next step, you will have to provide the following informations:
a) First Name
b) Surname
c) Last Name
d) Address line 1 
e) Address line 2
f) Town/City
g) Postcode
h) Country
i) Email address 

After inputting your detail, click on "GET NUMBER"

Wow, if successful, your UK number and PIN will be sent to your e-mail (make sure you use your valid email address)

The Next Is To Activate Your UK Number

You will have to call the management number, 0845 004 9799 or +44 845 004
9799 or +44 20 7043 9799 
It will prompt for your UK number and PIN which is sent to your email address, enter them accordingly. 

NOTE: Once you get your uk-number activated, you must confirm it by making a test call to it within a week. 
To keep your number active it must be used
at least once every three months otherwise it will be deactivated and made available to other users.
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  1. I have done it , I activated it. I tried to call it, it is saying my call is being forwarded