NYSC 2018 Batch B is finally July and not November, Batch A Stream 2 has been scrapped

I want to say this for the very last time, there's nothing like NYSC 2018 Batch A Stream 2. I've been saying this since April, what we have next is NYSC 2018 Batch B and their orientation course has been scheduled to hold in July and not November.

Even if NYSC has failed to officially announce these in their official handles since April, we should use our common sense to reason and know when things changes, NYSC has a very serious reason for being silent all this while, and we shouldn't blame them for keeping all of us in the dark.

The PCMs that registered in March/April 2018 and failed to make it to camp with 2018 Batch A shouldn't worry, because they don't have to register again, what that is left for them is to wait till Saturday, 14th July - Saturday, 21st July 2018 to print their call-up letters and be ready for their orientation course.

Those that missed camp and those that absconded before or after the NYSC 2018 Batch A camping for one reason or the other have all being automatically revalidated and remobilized respectively to join the NYSC 2018 Batch B orientation course and should login to their respective dashboards to see the changes and the way forward.

The only people that were instructed by their various institutions to reprint their Jamb results or admission letters or both, are those PCMs who saw their names in the error list, those who are still yet to register on the NYSC portal and are being mobilized by their respective institutions to join the Batch B in July.

With all these, you're to note that 2018 Batch B is July and not necessarily November as it used to be in the past, those that are still yet to register, will start seeing their names in the NYSC portal from Wednesday, 27th June 2018 till Sunday, 1st July 2018, so, anyone that couldn't see his/her name after the 1st of July will have to wait for another Batch. Those that were mobilized during NYSC 2018 Batch A, but couldn't register because of one reason or the other, will also be able to register, and the registration will commence from Monday, 2nd July to Sunday, 8th July 2018.

The NYSC Batch B orientation course will officially start nationwide on Tuesday, 24th July 2018 and will conclude on Monday, 13th August 2018.

-Comrade Nnadi Goodluck Donhacklord-


  1. Anonymous8:31 am

    Does this mean there's a Batch C?? I mean the one going in November. Please reply.

  2. Pls what about batch b stream 2?

  3. Enter your comment... pls, when is batch b stream 2 going

  4. Pls is batch B stream 2 going before November?