The Registration Requirements For The NYSC 2018 Batch 'B'.

There are two phases of registration for Natiotional Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme;
1. Online Biometrics Registration [done in cyber café], and
2. Physical Registration [done in NYSC camp]
In this article, we shall discuss the required documents/items needed for registration process for each registration phase as stated above.
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Requriments For Online Biometrics Registration

1. Your must verify your name on the Senate List uploaded on-line at the NYSC on-line portal. --> see how to verify your name

2. Passport photograph (white background)

3. Functional e-mail address and a Nigeria Phone number.

4. Your school Matric number.
5. Please See More Items HERE

Requriments For Physical Registration In NYSC camp.

1. Call-up Letter

2. Green Card

3. School Identity Card,

4. Traveling Passport for Foreign-trained graduates only.

5. Statement of Result endorsed by authorized officer with authentic signature.

6. Functional Account Number and Bank Verification Number (BVN) to facilitate payment and entitlements.
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7. Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and Optometrists are to produce evidence of Registration with their Professional Bodies.

8. Medical Certificate of Fitness from a Government or Military Hospital showing your health status. --> learn more


  1. When will Senate list b uploaded online

  2. 27th June. According to the proposed time table.

  3. Gerrard11:05 pm

    Pls sir, my name is among the batch B, 2018 senate list for my school (Unn). But due to some extenuating circumstances, I wuldnt be able to make it with this batch, wat shld I do so that I can go with the next batch or stream?

  4. How exactly is the age limit of not above 30 years determined? I mean, is it actually calculated by time(year) of graduation or that of Senate List submission?

  5. Please what is this green card?

  6. Please what is this green card?

  7. Green card is your callup letter. After online registration.