Bed Bunk Position You Should Choose In NYSC Camp (top or bottom bunk)

The Next thing after your luggage is being cleared at the NYSC camp entrance gate is to proceed where to take a bed space; at this point Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) are faced with dilemmas, as whether to choose lower or upper bunk space for maximum satisfaction. This is NYSC, don't let those that stayed in boarding schools out smart you!

This is important, because wrong choice could discomfort and throw you off balance throughout the camp duration.

Read through this article and you will see our recommendations after weighing the pros and cons of top and bottom bunk.

Upper bunk bed

Is the top of the bed

Advantages of upper bunk

1. It makes you feel like king when staying at the top of someone else.

2. View made easy: You can see all that is going on in the hostel hall without having to move away from your bed.

3. It is not your concern if you bunk mate bed wet


1. Safty: there are chances you fall off when climbing up and down all time, unless you are as good as a monkey. Nowadays, that camp roof collaps, my friend you will be a direct victim if such thing occurs.

2. Proximity to your luggage: Distance to your luggage is always difficult, as you would have to be climbing up and down before you can take something from your luggage.

3. Disturbance: Light bulbs and Ceiling fan in hostel halls won't allow you to rest, if you are that type that doesn't sleep when light is on or easily get cold when fan blow continuous, then don't go up. Also, heat will be too much because you are closer to the ceiling.

4. Navigation: It can be very difficult to climb up and down in the middle of night for toilets especially when you are sleepy.

Lower Bunk

The bottom of the bed


1. Safety: it is easy to jump in and out without creating much scene

2. Luggage proximity: You will be very close to your valuable.

3. Mosquito Net: To set a mosquito is very easy thing to do.

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 4. You will be fully in charge of the space under the entire bunk. You can keep your buckets and other things under you.

1. Just pray the person who will stay on the upper bunk does not bed-wet, because you will drink urine by force.

2. You can easily be disturbed by those that move about.

Our Recommendation

We, otondos, having weighed the pros and cons and from lot of experience recommend you go for lower bunk space.

Thank you

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  1. Enter your comment...lower bunk space....

  2. Enter your comment...that's very good observation I really like it. and with reference to merits and demerits on lower and upper bunks given above, I think I'll go for the lower bunk.

  3. Nice n well explained abt d two.
    I hav stayed in d hostel n hav enjoyed both up n dwn bunks. I will prefer d dwn bunk for my comfortability. I enjoy my space a lot. Tnx once again n I do appreciate.