Breakdown Of The Cost For NYSC Full Kits

I have for a considerable length of time looked to know how much a full NYSC pack cost during my days as a Corps Member.
If you ask people around you, you may be assaulted with figures running from N15,000 to N70,000 per kit.
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I'm so happy that information is now accessible to everyone. I specifically thank the govt for the 'Freedom of Information Bill and the Bureau of Public Procurement who intermittently make data on government contracts openly accessible to everyone.

As indicated by Procurement Records, a full Nysc kit cost N7,485.00

Below are the breakdown of the cost of NYSC kits:

1. Khaki jacket = N2,870

2. Jungle Boots = N1,789

3. White Canvas = N1,709

4. Cap = N243

5. Belt = N232

6. Socks = N238

7. White Short = N404

Total = N7,485

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