Unimportant Things PCMs Take To NYSC Camp

Below are the comprehensive list of things Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) take to camp that are not necessarily needed.
At the NYSC camp entrance gate, PCMs are properly checked, and some of these items are seized by security operatives.

Below are the list of things you should not take to camp:

1. Mattress: The NYSC management provides mattresses to every PCM. Bringing your own mattress could amount to excess luggage, and thereby, make security operatives to seize it.

2. Cutlery: Things like Knives, fork, tin-cutter, pliers are seized because it is believed that PCMs might use them for negative things. Spoons are allowed, but don't go with more than one metal spoon.

3. Sophisticated electronic device: Things like iPads, big tablets, laptops, palm top, etc are not allowed in camp. But, if you managed sneak in with any of devices, just bear in mind, you brought it for Camp thief to take.

4. Too much luggage: Not everything you should come to camp with. All the things you may need are being sold in Mammy market; things like: bucket, foodflask, spoons, plates, white shoe, shots, white polos, waist bag, detergent, soap, beverage,, bed-sheet, pilos etc. In order not to overload yourself, come with the little you have and buy the rest from camp market (Mammy market)

5. Electrical Appliances: Corps Members are not allowed to enter camp or use thing like pressing Iron, Stove, boiler, clipper etc in the Camp. If found with any of them, it would be seized.

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6. Food flask: If you hope to eat NYSC food, then come with it, but if you have enough money to buy delicious food from "Mammy market", then you don't need it or you can buy one from Mammy market.

7. Cars, Bicycles, Motorcycles are not allowed. Where would you park it in camp, if I may ask? Only camp officials cars are allowed to enter NYSC camp.

8. Mirrors, bottled items and extension boxes are not allowed in NYSC camp. Security operatives will seize it at sight.

9. Pets: This is not funny shaa! 'It has been reported that a PCM came to camp with a dog'. PCMs are not allowed to enter camp with animals. You won't be registered or you would be decamped immediately.

10. Condoms: So, you are going there to train your 'cassava',abi? idiot, see your head! Try it and risk decamp. If officials catch you having 'quickie' in camp, you will be automatically decamped.
Source: www.otondo.com.ng

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