4 Things You Should Never Do To Your NYSC Documents

4 Things You Should Never Do To Your NYSC Documents
In this article, we will highlight, five (5) things you should never do to any of the NYSC required documents.

1. Do not Laminate Your Call-Up letter:
This is because, officials need to sign on your call-up letter; so laminating it won't allow officials to sign because it will be sealed up. Beside, the call-up letter is the NYSC property, it's never your own. NYSC will collect it from you in camp. So, give it to them the way they give you.

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2. Never forget any of your documents at home:
There are reported  cases of PCMs forgetting their documents at home. It may be they are over excited or in hurry, but in whichever case, never left it your documents, instead forget yourself.

3. Do not fold your documents:
The best way to keep your documents is to get a waterproof envelope, then put them in there.

4. Do not give anyone your documents to hold for you:
No one should hold your documents for you except the person you can equally trust with your life.

Please, be properly guided!

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