5 Things To Do When You See Your Call-Up Letter

5 Things To Do After You Recieve Your Call-Up Letter
Here, we shall be talking about 5 critical things you need to do after you have seen your call-up letter.

1. Print-out your call-up letter and Green Card: Print out the original copies (twice) in coloured, then make about 3 photocopies each for call-Up letter and Green Card in black and white.

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2. Arrange your documents in order of magnitude: This is how to arrange your documents;
a. First should be Call-up letter
b. Followed by Green Card
c. Followed by statement of result or degree certificate.
d. School I.d card
e. Passport photograph

3. Put all your arranged documents into a waterproof envelope and seal properly.

4. Pack few stuffs please
don't give yourself unnecessary stress...See items you should not take to camp.

5. Read your call-up letter at least 4 times; take note of where you are posted to and where you will be having your camp orientation.


  1. My name is TUNDE, I just want to say congratulations to all NYSC Stream II PCM, 2018. If u know anybody going to ANAMBRA for camping should pls call me on 08102015384. Cos am only seeing my self a lone going to Anambra state camp. Am going from Kwara Ilorin

    1. any body sent to anambra is lucky because it is a peaceful place

  2. Hello my callup letter says am to report to camp 28 August but I wish to join november batch because my statement of result has not been corrected, can I still make it next batch by revalidation or it not possible

    1. It is possible. Revalidation will help!

  3. What of people that did correction of name on NYSC portal and never approve yet

  4. You can go ahead and report in Camp. You can correct the name again in Camp. It's easier there. Print out your Call up letter and Green Card

  5. Admin, please open the Whatsapp group for NYSC 2019 batch A. The group has been locked for long now. The group will help us to know our NYSC mate, i.e. those posted to the same state. People are quitting the group, which is not supposed to be so. Please unlock the group. From Mentor Enes as my Whatsapp group identity. Thank you sir.

  6. Good morning admin....please how many hours or days to kano from Benin....and do they pay