Full states that pay and doesn't pay NYSC corps members, as at Sunday, August 26th 2018


As NYSC 2018 Batch B Stream two orientation course draws closer, here is the full guide on the states that pay extra allowance apart from the federal government 19,800 allowance.

Please note that for you to be eligible to receive this allowance in the states that pay, you must be serving in a public school or one of the state ministries. Those serving in private establishments can also be paid, only with negotiations with their employer.

1. ANAMBRA: This state is the highest paying state in Nigeria, they pay 8,500 naira monthly to corpers serving in public schools and state ministries as explained above.

2. AKWA IBOM: This state is paying 5,000 naira monthly to corps members deployed to their state, serving in the public schools and state ministries.

3. JIGAWA: This state pays 5,000 monthly.

4. SOKOTO: This state pays 5,000 monthly.

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5. CROSS RIVER: This state pays 5,000 monthly.

6. DELTA: This state pays 5,000 monthly, but, you'll only be able to receive it at the end of your service year.

7. ZAMFARA: This state pays 5,000 monthly.

8. OSUN: This state pays 5,000 for each month.

9. BAYELSA: This state pays 3,000 every month to those in town and 5,000 to those close to water.

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10. KATSINA: This state pays 4,000 monthly.

11. OYO: This state pays 4,000 monthly.

12. ENUGU: This state pays 1,000 naira every month to corpers in the town and 4,000 to those serving in villages.

13. KEBBI: This state pays 2,000 monthly, but can only be received in bulk at the end of the service year.

14. LAGOS: This state pays 10,000 to the first 100 corpers to be registered.

15. NASARAWA: This state used to pay 5,000 monthly, but currently, they are no more paying corps members, they stopped in 2017 and for that reason, about 3,000 corpers from the 2016 Batch 'B' Stream 1 and 2 protested and still nothing has happened till date.

16. KOGI: On February and August 2018, Kogi state governor, Alh Yahaya Bello promised to start paying corps members posted to his state till his tenure expires, but up till today, he has never paid them a dime.

17. TARABA, KWARA, EBONYI, BAUCHI, NIGER, KADUNA, EKITI, PLATEAU, RIVERS, BENUE, KANO, IMO, ONDO, OGUN, YOBE, ADAMAWA, BORNO, ABIA, GOMBE AND EDO does not pay anything to corps members deployed to their states.

18. ABUJA: The FCT does not pay corps members any allowance.

Written by Comrade Nnadi Goodluck Donhacklord and accessible at otondo.com.ng

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