Nigerian Government Speaks on NYSC Allowance Increment

Government Confirmed NYSC Allowance Increment
The Government of Nigeria has confirmed that there are plans to increase the allowance of serving members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

The minister of works, Ngige spoke to reporters in Awka, the capital of Anambra State yesterday.
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The Minister said that the much awaited new minimum wage will also be enjoyed by members of the Corps Members.

He explained that the committee had not concluded on it because no recommendation had come to the Federal Executive Council.

Below is his words,

"As a matter of fact, some ministries, such as Youth and Sports, my ministry, Women Affairs and Budget and Planning, have been asked to make our input. 
"However, the important thing to note is that whatever increase that would be made on the allowances of NYSC members would be hinged on the envisaged new minimum wage. 
"The allowances of the NYSC persons will be on the same sliding scale with the national minimum wage, except that it is a top up. That is why today, the national minimum wage is N18, 000, and the top up for NYSC members is about N1, 500, making it N19, 500. 
"This is the allowance the Federal government will give to them. Areas or persons and bodies or agencies where they do their primary assignments can also give them what they call special allowances and that is irrespective of this monthly stipend from federal government. 
"Their employers in their places of primary assignment can give them another top-up so that in some establishments you see them paying extra N10, 000 to the NYSC persons; some are as generous as even giving N20, 000, which is about the same thing that they earn."

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