What you should know about NYSC 7 over 7 kits

NYSC 7 over 7 kits

For you to rock on NYSC 7/7, then you must put on the following 7 kits.
1. Cap (head dressing)
2. Crested best
3. Khaki long sleve jacket
4. Khaki trouser
5. Khaki belt
6. Crested stockings
7. Jungle book
See picture below
He's rightly dressed on 7 over 7

Note: It is very wrong to wear waist bag, wrist watch or any other thing except Id card when you are on 7 over 7.

Example: These corpers below are wrong. 

Corps Members have no reason to wear waist bag whenever they are on khaki trouser because khaki trouser has pockets everywhere, you can use those pockets.

Wear waist bag only when you are wearing white shot, the reason is because NYSC white shots are officially designed to have no pocket, so that corps members may not put anything in the pocket that may hinder them during drills.

Example: These corpers are right
Please, be properly guided.

Warning: Never wear NYSC cap 'frontback' or 'sag' your trouser or shot, you may be decamped or severely punished if caught by officials.
Source: otondo.com.ng

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