12 Things Davido Will Not Do In NYSC Camp & 10 Things He Will Do

It's no longer news that a popular Nigerian singer, Davido registered for NYSC.
Davido was posted to Lagos.

In this page, we will be looking at those things David will do in camp and the ones he will not succumbe to.
1. Davido will not do frog jump
2. He will not squirt or 'kneel' down in parade ground.

3. Davido will not parade

4. He will not eat and mark his feeding card

5. He will not wake up by 4:00a.m and jump up

6. He will not follow his platoon to prepare food in d kitchen

7. He will not wear his cap the normal way, the front cap will face back. Do u get it now?

8. He will not give sombody his phone number except control number.

9. He will not use that very toilet in the boys hostel (More than 6,000 users in 3weeks)

10. He will not attend SAED lecture. If you knw, you go know.

11. He will not always walk alone, i.e the army men will voluntarily always escort him.

12. He will not queue to collect Camp food or Bicycle allowance. 

Below Are The Things He Will Do:

1. He will declare free beer at Mami Market anytime he is around. Always monitor when he will go there.

2. He will not leave inside the camp. Do you understand?

3. He will answer greetings & tire

4. He will likely join O.B.S & if care is not taken, he will change the name to O.B.O baddest. 

5. People will snap with him untill their memory card tell them.. ''sorry! Insufficient space due to a lot of Davido''

6. He will perform for his platoon & the whole camp will shutdown

7. He will smoke and the military men will be like.. ''whalai.. Davido i smoke? Oga cantinure''

8. He will drive his car inside camp.

9. Upcoming artist will be like.. ''de boss i can rap, i have 3tracks please hear this one'' After a short prayer in his heart.

11. Girls will be catwalking up and down because David is in camp.
Catwalking to fetch water from tap
Catwalking to collect food in queue
Catwalking to toilet. Sai!
Catwalking while playing football inside field.

Well! Me I'll just be login in to see wat's happening in Lagos camp one after the other.

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