10 Questions You Should Never Ask A Female Corps Member (NYSC)

In this post, you will get to know 10 questions you should never ask a Female Corps member.
1. What glade did you graduate with?
This is a no no!! So, if she graduated with '3rd class' or a 'Pass' result nko?
Don't ask for her grade unless you want to employ her...

2. Can I kiss you?
Lolz! Assuming you are on a date with her and you want to kiss her, just go for it by slowly taking your lips towards her mouth, but do not rule out the possibility of getting a dirty slap.

3  Who is he?
When you see her with a guy, don't ask who the person is because you are not her supervisor. You don't need to know everyone she flirts around.

4. Are you a virgin? 
Lolz! What answer do you expect from her?

5. Why won't you talk to me?
This is a trivial matter. If you want her to talk with you, then become a better guy.

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6. How come you look so different today?
Whether she does or doesn't, this question lacks tact and is unlikely to go over well.

7. How old are you?
Most ladies do not want their real age to be known, so don't ask her unless you want her to lie. Some 'ageing' unmarried ladies don't want their age to be reminded of them.

8. Are you pregnant?
Are you her husband that you should ask such question? Single ladies don't like to be asked if they are pregnant. Question like this suggests she is sleeping around with men.

9. Have you taken your bath?
Don't ask her! Even if she is smelling, you don't have to ask her!

10. Add your own using the comment box.


  1. Have you eating? Do not ask her either she eat or not it's not your business let her die in hunger because she don't deserve to eat in the first place.

  2. How was your night? E no concern you, she could have been flying around all through the night and u dey here dey ask question.

  3. Are you okay: don't ask her, let her ask you instead, girls need to start caring about guys not just the other way round!

  4. Do you know how beautiful you are? She knows because they check mirror 4 times daily so mind your business.

  5. Can I have your number? Say give me your number and if she ask you for what? Waka comot without saying a word and if she call u back go but if not walk away forever because it means she doesn't want you.

  6. My main point is if you are trying to get a lady's attention and she is not giving you, forget her and move on to next one don't be a jerk or Mr nice guy they will hate you more. Don't be too nice it make you appear wick and girls hate wick guys unconsciously.

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