6 Benefits Of Becoming The CLO

- The Meaning Of CLO
- Who is the CLO?
- Duties Of The CLO
- Benefits Of Becoming The CLO
Hello everyone, in this post, we shall reveal the benefits of becoming the CLO. If you're a serving corps member, you might have wondered if there is any benefit that a CLO can actually enjoy.
Well, there are huge benefits, and by the time you're through reading this post, you would try to oust your CLO, so you can take over.

But before we dive into the benefits of becoming the CLO, let's first of all look at the meaning of the CLO, who is the CLO and the duties of a CLO.

Meaning Of CLO

CLO is the acronym for Corper's Liaison Officer.
A CLO is the highest ranking Corps Member serving in a particular area, whose duty is to lead, supervise, direct and coordinate Corps members activities in a Local Govt or in a particular area.
Also, CLO assist the Local Government Inspector (LGI) in discharging his duties.

Some of his duties in assisting LGI include:

1. Notifying the LGI of available Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) within the local govt he is posted to;

2. He assists the LGI in clearance process;

3. He help in doing menial jobs useful to the LGI;

4. He monitors and reports the activities of other Corps members to the LGI;

5. He assists LGI in registering new Corps Members; and so on.

Now, let's look at the some of the benefits of becoming a CLO.

Benefits Of Becoming The CLO 

1. Respect: CLO being the highest ranking Corps Member, LGI, Employers and Govt Officials in that particular area. Also, people expectations from the CLO prompt him to act in high regards in conduct and attitude which make him to gain more respect.

2. Leadership Skills: becoming CLO would inadvertently improve your leadership skills.

3. Public Speaking Development: Becoming the CLO would help you in developing your speaking abilities. This is because CLO would always speak to group of people, negotiate where necessary, and interact with people.

4. Increases Your Connection: Associating with the LGI would create chances for you to meet more people on the same level with him or even higher. Apart from the LGI, the CLO have right to have contacts of other senior government workers in the local secretariat which can easily increase his connection.

5. Boost Your CV: Most companies need someone that has leadership abilities and can easily coordinate people to achieve companies' goals and objectives. Your CLO's experience in this regard would certainly be an added advantage.
Note: A certificate is always issued to CLO in recognition of his position which can always be submitted during job application. 6. Earnings Money: I know most of you would like this one!
A CLO has many opportunities to make extra money during his service year.
Although, some of the means he can make money is completely illegal but they are generally the crumps of money that enter into his pocket. Some of this money includes: small payment for late registrations, bribe from 'ghost Corpers', collect money from Corps Members to cover them up when they miss CDS meeting or travel. There are many other ways a CLO can make money.

Becoming a CLO is indeed a privilege and an opportunity to 'hammer'. We advise you to aspire for that position, believe me, you will be glad you did!


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    How do you become a CLO?

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    Can a female be selected for the CLO position?