7 Best NYSC CDS Groups To Join During Your NYSC Service Year

In this article, we are to focus on the best Community Development Service (CDS) groups available to join as a corps member.

First of all, let's us look at the meaning of CDS group

CDS means, Community Development Service. It's one of the cardinal programmes of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).
 There are over 40 CDS groups but few are being mentioned or heard; depending on the State and Local Govt Area you find yourself.

Why it is important to look at the best CDS group to join as a corps member is because there are sone CDS groups that have the potentials to professionally develope a Corps Member. It can also add impetus to your CV or Resume as work experience.

7 Best CDS Groups To Join As A Corp Member
Note: Consider yourself lucky if you found yourself any of these CDS groups. Some of these CDS groups may not be available in the area your are posted to.

1. NDLEA CDS group:
National Drug Law Enforcement Agency is the best CDS group to join. Members of this CDS group go round the community to preach against the use of hard drugs and drugs abuse.

2. EFCC CDS group:
Economic and Financial Crime Commission CDS group is one of the best CDS group to join as a Corp member. This CDS group preach against corruption and the negative effects of it. Some times, the group go from school to school for campaign.

3. Road Safety CDS Group:
This is one of the best CDS groups to join as a corps member. This group help in traffic control, create traffic awareness in schools, establish road safety clubs in schools and administer first aid to accident victims before taking them to hospital.   

4. Red Cross CDS group:
If you have been in NYSC camp, you will be familiar with group. It is also among the best CDS groups. Corps Members are assigned to this group are those that read health related courses. This group engage in health outreach, administration of first aid and more importantly setting up clinics in the NYSC secretariat.

5. HIV/AIDS CDS group:
HIV/AIDS is one of the best CDS groups. This group is responsible of sensitizing the general public on HIV and other STDs and how to prevent it. The group, also establish Peer Education Trainers (PET) in schools and share preventives.

6. NEMA CDS group:
National Emergency Management Agency
(NEMA) is obviously, one of the best CDS group. Members of this group aids in disaster management.

7. Editorial Group CDS group:

This is also one of the best. This group is the media wing of NYSC. The CDS group are called the Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) in camp. They do the Radio, TV, and publications. This group will help you if you ever dream of becoming a presenter, blogger or writer.

Note: The experience and knowledge you will get in the CDS groups listed aboce will help you throughout your lifetime.

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