Abia and Ebonyi August Alawee for 2018 Batch B Stream 1 finally paid

At the time of filling this report, 2018 Batch B Stream 1 corps members in Abia and Ebonyi state have all received their August allowances on Monday.

With this notice, all states have been paid accordingly.

-Comrade Nnadi Goodluck Donhacklord-


  1. younig6:43 am

    Hi my oga in the house i will be very happy if you can help me with this issue i want to discuss here....dont mind my typographical errrors and my story might be long dont see it as a trash just try as much as posibble tohelp me....i graduated last year september 2017 i was 28 years old then but due to strike which last for for 3months ie novembernovember 2017 till february 2018 they couldnt release our result till april that april batch A suppose to be mobilise, my school said they couldnt meet up with stipulzted time given to them by nysc so they dont mobilise for that batch so we are all waiting for batch b but to my suprise when i reach school for my clearance my name was written under rerunner which one useless lecturer refuse to collate my result i latter start going to school begging him to do it after alot of begging for about 4 to 5months he did it after av lost a lot of things to cut the story short the result is ready bt not yet approved by the management which means i will not go with this batch now am 29 years old since july this year and there is no hope they will approved it this year coz nationwide strike will commence tomorrow my school is even doing there second semester exam pls my question is is there hope for me next yezr since i will clock 30 then plz help me,,,thanks in anticipation

    1. According to NYSC, you must not be more than 30yrs at the time of graduation. So, you still have chances to serve with the next year, batch A...

  2. you mean...let say if they approved it by january next year despite the fact i will clock 30 next year i will still serve?