Full Story! How Female Corper and 9 Others Were Killed At AAU Graduation Party

We cannot just type "RIP" without finding out the root cause of the tragedy.

Below is the full story of how a female serving corps member, final year medical student and 8 others were killed at AAU graduation party, Ekpoma.
What was supposed to be a peaceful graduation party of the students of Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma in Edo State, has turned into a bloody war last night, as 10 people were brutally killed by cultists.

Below is how the trouble started:

Two guys engaged in serious fight at the party venue (Judges quarters in Ekpoma). The were separated, but the other guy claimed his cloths are tored and that they must pay including those that helped separated the fight.

He later left with his friends, but surprisingly returned to the party venue with guns, in search of the guy that fought him. 
Upon sighting his opponent, they opened fire on him and those who separated the fight.

That is how Mary Martha, a serving NYSC member and 9 other persons were killed.

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