How To Check Names On NYSC Senate List For 2018 Batch 'C'

How To Check/Verify Names On NYSC Senate List for 2018 Batch 'C'
Recall that in one of our previous posts, we passed vital information that various institutions would commence the mobilization of their candidates for NYSC Batch 'C' exercise in September 2018, and that orientation course in NYSC camp is going to be in October and November.

So, this post is to guide you on how to verify/check your name on the NYSC Senate List for 2018 Batch 'C'.
It is very important that your name and details be found on the NYSC Senate List for 2018 Batch 'C'; if not, you won't be able to go for service with Batch 'C' in November.

But if your name and details are found on the Senate list, it means that your institution has successful forwarded your details to the NYSC, which implies that you're eligible to serve (good to go)

To Check/Verify Your Name On The Senate List, Follow The Procedures Below

1. Go to NYSC Senate List Portal

2. Select your institution's name

3. Input your Matriculation Number

4. Input your D. O. B, and

5. Click on "Submit" button

If you see your name and other details, it means that you are eligible to register online when the NYSC portal opens.

But if you were told, "No record found, contact your Institution", that means your name has not yet been forwarded to NYSC by your institution

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    Uniport students are yet to see their names and today is 5th. what could posibily be the reason pls