How To Choose Best States For Your NYSC

In this post, we'll be showing you how you can make the best choice state for your NYSC service.

This post is a must to read for all PCMs.

NYSC service year can be your best or worst moment in life. The main factor that influences this, is mostly your choice; that is why we write this article; to guide you on how to select the best State for your NYSC service.

Now, let's begin.

During your NYSC online registration, you would be required to choose four(4) states, you would only be allowed to take a state from each geopolitical zones. Meaning, your choice will comprise: one state picked from South-west, one state picked from either South-East or /South-South, and two States from North (North East and North central).
NYSC will then randomly post you to one of your 4 chosen states.

Below is the right steps to take when choosing states for NYSC service.

1. If you hope to visit home, any time during your service, then you shouldn't choose states that are far away from home, consider only those states that are not very far from you.

2. If you intend developing a skill or engaging in a business for extra cash; then you should consider selecting states where such opportunities exist.

3. If you're much interested in states that pay 'State Allawance' to corpers apart from the N19,800 normal pay from the Federal Govt, then you should consider selecting those states that pay. => See List Of States That Currently Pay Corpers Monthly Allowances and How Much They Pay.

4. If you're on a budget, then consider selecting states with low cost of living that will be most suitable to your budget. This would help you not go stranded in a little delay to pay your allawee by the Federal Govt.

5. Security is the key. Your life is the most important thing. Don't choose any crisis prone state. I'm sure you wouldn't want to be posted a state in turmoil, where you would be beheaded for no reason.
But, if by paradventure, NYSC posted you to such state, just make sure you facilitate your redeployment to a peaceful state.=> See how to go about redeployment.

6. If you have an intention to start work after your service year, then you should consider states with heavy presence of companies, businesses and establishment => See how to get your dream Job as a Corper

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