How To Get Job From NYSC After Your Service Year

Many people are not aware of the amazing job opportunities which have been made available to all Corp Members by NYSC management. It is called, "NYSC JOB PORTAL"
A good number of people have gotten jobs through this portal.
In case you don't know, the portal was created last year (2017) by NYSC to help get Nigerian youths jobs after their service year.

How NYSC Jobs Works

NYSC job portal is the only platform in Nigeria for genuine employers from every industry and region to connect directly to thousands of fresh and qualified potentials in Nigeria. 
NYSC Jobs is the official national CV bank and job center of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), aimed at making graduate recruitment easier for employers, youth And graduates alike. 

How to Join the NYSC Job 

1. Go to the NYSC Job Portal

2. Fill in the required details,

3. Then, Submit.
Your account will be created.

Please, make sure, you upload the following documents on your account
  • Upload your Resume/CV
You can attach a video CV link and also can
apply for job vacancies through the portal

==>Join Facebook group for NYSC Job

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