How You Can Easily Change Your NYSC PPA

It is important to note that seeking for rejection letter at your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) doesn't always work.
So, in this article, we are going to reveal the superb tricks to easily get it done. Believe me, it works like magic!

  • Polite talk
Instead of asking your PPA to reject you. You can politely negotiation with them by making them see reasons you won't work with them. You have to convince them to buy your reasons in the most polite way.

  • Compel them
If incase negotiation fails, then try to find out if your PPA are willing to provide all the required amenities needed for you. If they cannot use it as an advantage. Ask them to either reject you or provide all necessary things required from them.

  • Write complaints letter to NYSC
Some PPA are very stubborn, they can give you unworthy accommodation. So, the other way to Change your PPA is to complain to NYSC through letter writing; that if the accommodation given to you does not worth it or the payment. If the accommodation is not in secure or unhealthy environment.

  • Be Angry and aggressive
So employers may want to keep you at all cost; but when you are too aggressive and always attack your employer verbally at every little statement, I am sure he will begin to arrange for your rejection even before you ask for it. 

  • Act like a stammerer
Lolz! This one will work. You have to pretend to be a smammerer. At your PPA, stammer with every word you said. If you want to tell them your name, let it take you 1 minute before you complete... Also, speak bad English while stammering.

You have to act this perfectly.

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  1. Anonymous1:07 am

    I was deployed to IMO state with Batch B stream 1 , but I didn't report to camp due to certain m ready go with Batch C next month...I was told I will revalidate once the portal is opened .I'm very confused now because I don't know if I should go to my school first or not .

    1. Go to the students' affairs unit in your school to make sure they include your name on the revalidation list, then when the NYSC portal opens for new registration, you proceed to revalidate online....

  2. Hello pls i need urgent reply, i'm on Batch b stream 2, i applied for relocation to another state buh my problem now is that i wont be able to reach my new deployed state by friday(21st sept 2018) bcos i had little issue wit my nysc bank account so had to stay bck to rectify, hence my late departure...pls sir i want to knw if i wil still be able to report on monday(24 sept) without having fear of my relocation being terminated. Thanks

    1. You can still rectify the bank issue when you get to the new state...

    2. I've rectified the issue nd enroute from adamawa state goin to onitsha frm where i will board another bus to calabar, buh i wont reach there in time to report, hop i cn still report At d state secretariat by monday morning?

    3. They will attend to you. But make sure you report on that monday morning to avoid stories... Good luck!

  3. pls, what can one do if u want to redeploy within the same south west. for instance, you were posted to ogun state but you want to work it back to lagos because you are working in lagos already. can this be possible
    or can you be working in lagos then going for cda only at ogun with the help of ppa.
    pls need urgent reply

    1. You cannot serve in two states at once!
      You can only redeploy on 3 grounds:
      1. Marital ground (only for married women)
      2. Health ground
      3. Medical ground

    2. thanks, but cant someone redeploy without those three reasons???

  4. Mr. Humphery, I can see that you are experienced on this field. Please kindly tell me what could be done to resolve the problem I'm having.

    I attended a University which is affiliated with a college of Education in Lagos, I had admission letter issues which has been resolved on Friday; meanwhile, I now have my admission letter but my status refuse to change on the NYSC senate list. Its still displaying (The candidate was not admitted to any institution) So I couldn't register for NYSC. But I've seen my name on JAMB matriculation list.

  5. Hello house, pls I am unable to get my ppa letter yetserday at the camp, n it's not showing up on d dashboard online. How can I get the letter online