I Charmed Her - Man who Set To Wed A Lady He Met In NYSC Camp

Although the NYSC camp is regimented, but it never stop some people from finding love of their lives. Femi and Ruona found themselves in NYSC camp!

A Nigerian man, simply identified as Femi, is set to wed a lady, Ruona Edu whom he met in 2014 in NYSC camp.
Femi disclosed Ruona "Jazzed" him as he charmed her as both are 'madly' in love. This is one of the love stories that could make someone to start searching

Below are the story lines as shared by Femi below;

"Love they say transcends all barriers, I can comfortably say this because ours did. I met Ruona on the 7th of August 2014, it still surprises her, how I remember the exact day. As an otondo I had just resumed orientation camp, and was trying to make new friends, and mix with the crowd, when I stumbled on this beauty, gosh! She was in my platoon (Platoon 1),as a sharp guy I made conscious moves to get to know her via a mutual friend whom i had also just recently met.i worked my charm and she couldn't resist (lol),we became friends and the chemistry between us was intense, and quite noticeable by all. 
"It wasn't long before peeps started asking if we had been dating before we came to camp, we would just laugh it off, we practically did everything together, wherever you see Ruona I wasn't more than 10mtrs away (no jokes...she jazzed me) lol. We had no intentions to go beyond being platonic friends because there were "barriers" (lol). Not long we were both chosen to represent our platoon in the Mr Macho/Miss NYSC Pageants, which we both excelled as 1st runner-ups. 
"I remember her crying when I got my posting to Ogbere, because we had both hoped to be posted to the same LG, she promised she'd come visit (but she didn't..story for another day). We became official in March of 2015, and it has been Love at every sight since then. God gave me this gift, and I'm glad I didn't miss it. I'm grateful for the journey thus, and can't wait for that big day when you officially become mine. I love you Ruonalee."

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