NYSC Requirments For 2018/2019 Batch 'C' Online Registration

Many Batch 'C' Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) put more of their energies in trying to know when online registration for Batch 'C' will commence without paying much attention on whether they meet the registration requirements or not.
In this post, we are going to highlight the necessary things you need to put in place before online registration begin, so you would be able to register.

Now, let's begin!

1. Make sure your name is on the JAMB matricultion list. See how to Check it or check here for explanation 
2. Your name must be on the Senate Approved List uploaded by your institution on NYSC portal. See how to check it or check here for explanation 

3. You must have JAMB registration Number. If you don't have, do JAMB Regularization to get one. See how to regularise with JAMB or check here for explanation 

4. Off course your must know your Matriculation Number (School Reg. No)

5. Bio Data (First name, middle name and surname well placed on your certificate)

6. Date of birth: If you want to serve, make sure your age is not above 30years at the time you graduated.

7. Know your Place of birth

(This info is from www.otondo.com.ng )

8. Marital Status (Married women are to keep Marriage certificate, newspaper change of name, husband’s id card, utility bill etc for concessional deployment)

9. You need four Passports (white Background)

8. Name of next of kin(2) and their address, phone number etc

9. Name of school attended from primary to tertiary level, starting date and ending date

10. Shoe size, cloth size and trouser size

Note: during the online registration, you will be asked to do a biometric capture [Thump Print]
Check here for more explanation on 2018 Batch 'C' mobilization 
After or before the Online registration, you will be required to make payment [Online or via Bank]


  1. Hello what if I attended two primary/secondary school.

    Example from primary 1-3 a different one and from 3-5 a different one.

    Will there be space to input them each or not?

  2. How much are we going to pay please

  3. Jamb did a mistake in typing ADEMOLEKUN instead of ADAMOLEKUN in my BVN is ADAMOLEKUN what can I do

  4. Jamb did a mistake in typing ADEMOLEKUN instead of ADAMOLEKUN in my BVN is ADAMOLEKUN what can I do