Unforgettable Lesson I Learn From Davido NYSC Camping Style

This is Nigeria, this is how we living now!

Davido came to NYSC camp and registered as a Corps Member, the next gist, however, is that he has gone out of the country on a music tour. That is another gist for another day...!
Did you see the way the NYSC camp officials were falling over themselves to have a selfie with him?

Did you see the way he folded his trousers while in camp?

Did you see how he drove his car inside camp, against the NYSC law?

Did you see the way the Soldiers in camp became emergency bodyguards for him?

Did you see how all Corp Members sat on the ground when Davido was performing?

I am dead sure among those that sat on the ground were Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Pharmacists, Geographers, Economists, to mention just a few.

And guess what? A lot of 1st class Students, 2nd class upper and lower students were on the ground.

My brother, who certificate epp?

The Nigeria state doesn't care for your certificate, you must be innovative and creative to survive in the place called Nigeria.
Your education is merely a thinking platform...
Let your certificate be an added advantage to your creativity...
Don't wait for the government to give you job..

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