What To Do If NYSC Pays You Double Allowances (it's risky)

In this post, our discussions will be focused on double or multiple allawance payment for serving corps members
1. First of all, is it possible for Corpers to recieve multiple allawance payment from NYSC?

Emphatically, 'yes'!

It is possible, and sometimes, very common; once there is technical hitch in the system, some Corps Members are likely to be paid multiple times while others will not be paid at all.
Sometimes, you hear some corpers complaining of not being paid despite their commitments; it's likely that their money went into another Corpers account.

2. Should I pray to be paid multiple times?

No don't pray for that. If you are paid multiple times that means that some means other corpers allawances are transferred to you do to technical hitch in the system.

3. Is there any implication if I recieve double or multiple allowances ?

Yes, you should note that NYSC is a scheme that test not just your academic qualification but also a test of your character.
4. So, what should I do if they pay me double?

The best thing to do is to return the excess if you are paid twice or thrice. When you return the money to NYSC, make sure you collect receipt showing that you have returned the money.

5. What will happen if I keep the money for myself?

You will be fished out during your final clearance, and your service will be extended by 1-year without pay, and in addition you will return the money.

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6. How are they going to finish me out?

During the final clearance, NYSC will ask all the Corps Members to obtain a statement of NYSC allawance account from their respective banks. The account statement must be signed and stamped, running from the first day you opened the account to the end. It is for this reason they said you must open a new bank account in camp.

7. What if the double allawance came after I have completed my clearance and collected my NYSC certificate?

If that is the case, eat it! After all, it is a national cake. But bear in mind that some othrr corpers did not recieve because you were paid double with their own share.

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  1. The last part really touched me, with this nobody would want to be paid twice.. with the stress of going to bank and there wahala and returning money which mistakenly entered your account

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