5 Things You Should Do To Qualify For NYSC 2019 Batch 'A' Online Registration

Hello gentlemen Prospective Corps Members (PCMs), in this post, we outlined the necessary things you need to gather around you for NYSC 2019 Batch 'A' online registration.

To begin the 2019 NYSC Batch 'A' online registration, you need to complete the task below:

1. Ensure you complete final clearance with your institution.

2. Obtain your statement of results or certificate.

3. Go to the Students' Affairs Unit in your school and sign up for NYSC.

4. Check if your name is on JAMB matricultion list => Check it here now

5. Check if you need JAMB regularization => CIick here for details

CIick here to find out when registration will commence for 2019 Batch 'A'

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