How to Get Free 500mb Data For Browsing From MTN

Free 500MB from MyMTN
In this tutorial, I will show you how you can get free 500mb from MTN. This is not hack or trick or illegal.

How to Get Free 500mb MTN MyMTN App Data
To get the free 500mb data from MTN MyMTN APP, follow the step below:

1. Send 'MyMTN' to 5018 in a text message.

2. You'll receive a link to download the MyMTN APP,  as shown below
3. Click on the link (it may or may not ask you to select your phone operating system depending on the browser)

4. Download the app and then select Nigeria as your country.

5. Supplies your phone number. You will receive an 'OTP code' to activate the MyMTN app.

6. After a successful login into the app, then click on "activate free MyMTN App campaign 500mb data"

In the comment box below, tell us if it works for you.

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