How To Solve the Problem of "No Record Found" On the NYSC Senate List

If you have been checking your names on the Senate List, and only what you could see is,  "No record found..." instead of your details, follow the steps below to solve it.

1. Make sure you input your Matricultion Number correctly; kindly note that Matricultion number is not thesame as your JAMB Registration number. Some PCMs do make the mistake.

2. Your Surname must be correctly spelt.

3. If your Surname did not work, try to use your first name to check, because it might be that your school uploaded your First name in place of Surname.

4. Your Date of Birth should be correct (if the year box is not clicking, leave it that way and click "Search" button)

Alternatively, if all the solutions above did not work, then go ahead to see if you can be able to register online. If you try to register online and your details appear, continue with the registration, and forget about the Senate List. 
But if you cannot be able to register online, go ahead to contact your school, at the Students' Affairs Unit

C1ick here to check the Senate List again!


  1. will batch c be divided into 2 streams.. please I need a feed back asap thanks

  2. Can schools still upload names for November batch C

  3. Will names still be uploaded again

  4. Anonymous10:11 am

    What about those that trained abroad,how do we check our names on the senate list?
    I can't find the name of my institution among the options provided.

    1. Senate list is only for the locally trained graduates.

  5. Please o when will the website open again

  6. My name is in senate approved list but no record found when I put jamb registration number. What do I do