NYSC Online Registration Tips For 2018 Batch 'C' PCMs

These tips are very important; we prepared it to help PCMs, especially those who have been following us at otondo.com.ng.
These tips will help you so greatly.

Before we dive into the matter, kindly note that not everybody who will register between 6th and 15th October will be selected (given call-up letter) to participate in the camp orientation course; this is because the NYSC camps do not have enough space to accommodate all PCMs at once.

Therefore, some PCMs will either be shifted to 2019 Batch 'A'  or 2018 Batch 'C' Stream2.
But at the time of this publication, there is not yet an official statement from NYSC concerning if there will be 2018 Batch 'C' Stream2.

Below are the tips

1. Register early: Please, go to cyber café for your registration very early in the morning, so that you can register before NYSC server gets hitched as usual due to large traffic.

2. Register on 6th or 7th October so that you won't be shifted to another batch or streams if there will be any.

3. Sit behind or by the side of the cyber man, so as to make sure he fills in your details correctly.

4. Go with make up free face and white passport photograph (one copy is ok)

5. Wash your hand and keep it neat so that thumb scanning machine won't reject it.

6. Pay for call-up letter, though it's optional but pay, so that NYSC will send you call-up to your dashboard for online printing. That will save you some stress.

7. Go to cyber café with your ATM Visa or Masters card or some cash (there are other payment options)

8. Print your green card in colourd. Green card is a slip NYSC will send to you at the point of completing your online registration.

9. You will be required to create an online profile before you proceed to registration. Please, use your own e-mail and your phone number as your password. You'll need your e-mail address and password for subsequent login to your dashboard. So keep it safe.


  1. What are the necessary requirements for registration?

  2. Just checked my dashboard and I saw batch c but I didn't do revalidation.am confused

    1. Make sure you do revalidation.

  3. if i dont pay for the nysc call up and skipped it how can i still pay ?

  4. Thumb scanning machine is rejecting my hand.... Please what can I do

  5. Pls how can I change institution if I picked the wrong one

  6. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Can school still upload names bcos I could did not see my name on the senate list and I have not started my registration

  7. Good day, please I need the link to join batch C whatsapp group. Thanks


  8. please i need urgent help or maybe nysc contacts for some assistant. i'm international student i register nysc july batch b and call up letter was sent to me but due to some situation beyond my control i couldn't go, i visited nysc secretariat and i was told not to touch anything pending when i will want to go, now i want to re-validate to join batch c i'm asked in my portal to re-upload my certificate so i open the document i actually saw all the document i uploaded so i was just trying to replace them since i was confuse on what to do.the problem is that my information is appearing twice some even more and there is no deleting button please i need help

  9. Anonymous10:25 am

    I encountered a problem while registering on d Nysc portal in which my course of study differs from what was on my dashboard...I av sent a request for correction of course
    ....but I'm confused as whether d problem is from my school or Nysc
    What do I do?