NYSC, Personal CDS Project Carried Out By Umaka Ufuoma Veama

The Community Development Service (CDS), Project Carried Out By:
Name: Umaka Ufuoma Veama
State of origin: Delta state
State of Deployment: Ondo state
PPA: Toluwani Maternity Clinic
Institution: IGBINEDION University Okada
My name is Umaka Ufuoma Veama, a Corps Member serving in Akure, Ondo state, State Code: OD/17B/0882.

My Personal Community Development Project was a monument with moral inscriptions, a zebra crossing and a pedestrian sign post, all done at one of the oldest and largest public schools in Akure which is Adegbola Memorial Grammar School Oshukoti oke ijebu.

The Monument was built to boldly advise the students in the school and by passers, the vices that will mal their future and affect their education, while singling out the virtue of Education.

The Zebra Crossing was constructed because the School is located by the road side and vehicle users do not take notice of the school. This, they run on high speed on that road. In order to prevent accidents in the future. I decided that a zebra crossing be included in my project. Also the pedestrian sign post is to alert the vehicle users afar of that they’re are students nearby and that they should slow down.
Pre-construction stage of monument with moral inscriptions

Monument with moral inscriptions
Zebra Crossing
pedestrian sign pos
These were my own contributions to the Oshukoti Community in Ondo state.

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