Printing of NYSC Registration Slip [Green Card] For 2018 Batch 'C'

All PCMs should ensure they print registration slip, also known as Green Card after online registration.
Green card should be printed in coloured, and should be submitted to the NYSC in camp during physical verification.

However, if you have completed your online registration but have not printed the Green card, we urge you to always check your dashboard to know when it's available for printing. Remember, without Green Card, your registration is void.

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  1. good day...pls my date of birth on my green and O'level are not the same. hope it wont affect me. the one on my O'level is Oct. 29th 1990 while my green card is Oct. 29th 1993. pls reply. And pls does discharge certificates carries date of birth? pls reply. thank u

    1. Anonymous12:20 am

      Admin please reply this...i have a similar problem. My waec shows 15th June while my actual date is 1st June. What can we do?

  2. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Pls how long will it be before my name is corrected, I applied on Sunday n it was successful. can I go on with printing d green card?

  3. Please can i change my date of birth with another o level obtain that carries my origin date of birth... But was not used and obtained at the time of admission??

  4. Hello admin.. Please my school uploaded my state of origin on NYSC portal as IMO State, mean while I'm from Anambra state. Please is there a possibility of any effect? Can I change it in camp?

  5. Anonymous1:31 am

    Good day admin,please I registered since 9th of October but I'm unable to print my green card. It says I've not yet been evaluated,please how long will it take?

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