Report About NYSC Allowance Increment: Has It been Increased?

Is NYSC allowance now N49,800?
I think by now, you should have known that, reports about increase of Corps Members allowances to N49,800 is untrue.

Recall that few months ago, a Twitter user by the name 'APC Newspaper' (@APCNewspaper) tweeted that NYSC allowance would be increased from N19,800 to N49,800. And it was said that the idea came straight from the presidency.
However, it has turned out that the good news was actually not true.

If you have been hoping to get N49,800 allowance during your service year, you should lower your expectations. 

Back in April, the Director General of NYSC, Suleiman Kazaure, stated that the government is actually considering allowance increase in the nearest future. According to him, the FG has set up a committee to review the minimum wage, which would have an effect on the allowance of corps members.

Therefore, until the committee decides to increase the minimum wage, you should not get your hopes up and expect an allowance increase. Now, the Federal Govt has agreed to raise minimum wage to N30,000. It means that Corps Members allowances will be raised to a sum not less than N30,000.


  1. I thumbprinted at the local government for monthly clearance last week Tuesday
    The process was successful. It brought out my details immediately I thumbprinted and indicated that it was successful.
    But on checking my dashboard it indicated that I was absent.
    I called the LGI and explained to her and she said it was bcoz she haven't sent our names to the headquarter in Abuja.
    Please Wat can I do cos I know when pple thumbprint it reflects immediately on their dashboard

    1. Don't bother yourself, your LGI will sort it out.

    2. Okay
      Thank you

  2. Laugh how much is minimum wage

  3. Please is de going to be another registration for stream 2 batch c dis moth