Solution To NYSC 2018 Batch 'C' Stream2 Registration Errors

Hello Prospective Corps Members!
Do you encounter error on your dashboard while trying to register online?
Please, do not panic! Though this post is not meant to explicitly give you solution but at least it will inform you to some extent.

The error message you are getting is a general problem, especially those their institutions are yet to submit hard copies of their senate list to the NYSC headquarters.
So, the first thing to do if you are seeing the error is to contact your school to make sure they have submitted the hard copies to NYSC.

However, you may be experiencing other difficulties, but relax the NYSC engineers are currently working on the server to get it fixed.
Hopefully, everything will work fine soon.

The advice now is that you should give it like 2 days....

But if you're getting error message different from the one on the displayed picture above, kindly tell us using the comment box below, so that we can communicate to the appropriate authorities on your behalf.


  1. I guess this post doesn't really give a solution. Below is my personal experience though.

    On Thursday night, 18th October, 2018, my name appeared on the NYSC Senate list, I tried registering, but got same response as that of the screenshot above. My mates that mobilized same time with me also got same response. We were able to get a feedback from NYSC and were informed that those of us getting that response, our schools were yet to send hardcopy of our documents to NYSC.

    When registration portal was reopened on Wednesday, 24th October, trying to register that morning gave same response.

    One of my mates visited our school, and he was informed that we should be patient that from 12pm, we can commence registrations. By 11am, we were able to proceed with the registration.

  2. Good morning pls I register on the 9th of of October after successful registration. On Friday which was 13 oct they sent me upload waec certificate “on my dashboard I was told I didn’t upload my original waec result that’s why I got that message. So I uploaded the orignal waec and neco result last week Monday been 16th of October after a successful upload please since then till now am still seeing upload cert and I have not been evaluated yet
    Please can you lay the complains so they can check on my dashboard for me

    So I can receive my call up number and letter and join stream 2


    1. has the problem solved cos am facing same here too

  3. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Pls I was given call up letter with stream 1, due to certain issues I couldn’t go to camp. Am trying to apply for revalidation with this stream 2 it’s not working. Pls what could be the reason? Do I have to wait till the next back before I can revalidate?

    Thanks for your response

  4. Please mine is showing that I can't register while my details is on senate list, below is the message

    The candidate was not admitted. Kindly confirm your admission status with your institution

    I called my school to intimate them and the dean students affair of my school said that he don't know what to do.
    Please I need advise

    1. Go to jamb and create a profile,then print your original jamb admission LETTER and original result then submit to your school's student affairs.

  5. Any news about Kaduna Pcm's?

  6. Can you post on what we need to take to the NYSC camp

  7. Please I have tried checking my name on the Senate list and it kept saying my details are not found that I should comfirm if they are correct someone said it was because I am not mobilised another said they are yet to submit the hard copy.please what might be the cause and how can I go about it.