10 Critical Mobilization Stages Of NYSC Every PCM Must Go Through

Below are the ten(10) critical mobilization stages of the NYSC that every Prospective Corps Member (PCM) must go through.
Stage 1
Final Clearance: NYSC starts right from this point; usually few weeks after the final year project defence.
After clearance, you will be awarded with Degree/Deploma statement of result. The statement of result will be needed in the NYSC camp.
Stage 2:
JAMB Regularization: This stage, however, is not for every PCMs. 'Jamb Regularization' is meant for those who got their admissions through Pre-science, pre-ND, Direct entry or any other remedial means of getting admission other than JAMB. So, if you did not get your admission directly through JAMB, you will be required to do "JAMB regularization".

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Stage 3
Signing Up For NYSC Programme: The institutions you graduated from would not automatically mobilize you for the NYSC programme. You are to indicate interest by signing up for the NYSC programme at the Students' Affairs Unit in your school.

Stage 4
School Senate List Verification: After signing up for NYSC Service, a list containing your name and the name of other graduates will be sent to the senate of your school for approval. Only those approved by the school senate will be eligible to serve.
Your institution will upload the approved senate list on the NYSC online portal.

Stage 5
Online Senate list verification: At this stage, NYSC will open their online portal for every PCM to check if their names are on the senate lists uploaded by their institutions.

Note: this information is from otondo.com.ng
Stage 6
Online registration: During this time, only those their names appeared on the Senate list uploaded on the NYSC portal will be allowed to register.

Stage 7
Deployment: Few days after the online registration closing date, NYSC will send your "Call-up letter" to you.

Stage 8
Camp registration: At this Stage, all the Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) will go to NYSC camp for physical registration and verification of documents.

Parade 9
Parade: Parade starts immediately afte camp registration! At this stage you will be forced into the training field. So, once you hear bugle's sound, "pam papa pamm! Pam papa pamm! Pipoo pipoo pam papa pamm" you run to the parade ground.

Stage 10
Postings: At this stage, corps members must have completed the 21 day camp training. They will be scattered and posted to different remote villages to serve. If you are among the few lucky ones, you will be posted to town.
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