2 Things That Will Happen If You Miss NYSC Monthly Biometric Clearance

Hello Gentlemen Corps Members!

NYSC biometric clearance is being done first week of every month.
NYSC introduced this type of clearance across Nigeria in 2017 to curtail the activities of ghosting corpers by LGI and other NYSC officials.
In the past, one can ghost his service year and travel abroad. But today biometric system has made it almost impossible since you ought to report to your PPA at least once in a month for biometric clearance.
Below are the Two Things that will happen if you miss Biometrics Clearance

1. No Allawee: You are not going to be paid your monthly allawance for the month you missed it. Biometric Clearance is being integrated to Corpers Payment Voucher (PV) sign

2. Extension Of Service: Your service year will be extended to three months or more without pay. Missing biometric clearance indicates that you have been absent from your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) so NYSC will assume you are a ghost corper.

Never miss your NYSC Monthly Biometrics Clearance for any reason. If you must miss it, inform your LGI and also have a tangible reason, so should your LGI is unable to defend you, you can go to the NYSC secariat and present the reason with evidence.  Thank you

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