How To Become A Ghost Corper During Your NYSC Service Year

This is one of the most difficult topic that we wish we can avoid because it involves cheating on the government. Nevertheless, we don't write articles to encourage cheating but only for educational purpose.

Warning: This article is for educational purpose.

First of all, who is a ghost corper?
Just as the name implies, a Ghost Corper is an NYSC member who doesn't appear in his place of assignment, yet he recieves all the entitlements.
In the actual sense, a Ghost Corper is serving but you cannever see him in his Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), in CDS meetings or in other gatherings yet he recieves his monthly allawances and other benefits and at the end he will also recieve his NYSC discharge certificate.

For example:
A Ghost Corper may be posted to Kaduna State but he will be in Lagos doing his normal business.

Some of the Reasons People Become Ghost Corpers

1. Jobs Opportunity:
NYSC used to delay before calling graduates for service. During this time, some graduates secure good jobs for themselves and while at it NYSC will call them up for service. For this reason, they would not want to forfeit their jobs for NYSC. So, they would take 3-week permission they will stay in camp from their bosses, then after camping they would find means to be absent from service in order to continue with their jobs.
2. Security Reasons:
Those posted to states in turmoil would not want to risk their lives serving Nigeria. So, when they apply for relocation, if NYSC denies them the opportunity to relocate, they will ghost their service.

3. Marriage:
Marriage is another reason that make people ghost their service, especially female folks. Many of them must have tried hard while at the orientation camp to secure relocation approval to where their hubbies reside. But after being denied relocation opportunity, they would have no choice other than to become Ghost Corpers.

4. Health Challenges:
Health challenges can also make one to ghost his service. But this is rare because if someone has a serious health issues, he will secure relocation on health ground. But in case of sudden occurrences or maybe redeployment failed, Ghosting becomes an alternative.

5. Laziness:
It is difficult for some people to leave the comfort of their homes and stay far in a lifeless remote village, all in the name of serving fatherland. So, people like this don't take ghosting play joor!

How To Become A Ghost Corper

Finally, we have landed to the main point of this topic. Ghosting your service can work in several ways, but we are going to briefly explain 3 killer ways it can work.

Note: Serving as a Ghost Corper would mean that every activities that you are supposed to perform as a Corp Member will be carried out by someone else on your behalf.

When you ghost, you will be covered from the following NYSC activities:

  • PPA: You won't go to Place of Primary Assignment any more.
  • CDS Meetings: You won't attend CDS anymore.
  • Head Counts: No need for your head to be counted.
  • Monthly Clearance: in most cases, you have to come and do that by yourself especially now they have introduced Biometric verification.

How To Become A Ghost Corper

1. Strike a deal with your Local Corper Liaise Officer (CLO): One way to work this is to discuss business with your CLO. Tell him/her what you want, and you will pay him if he agrees.
Striking deal with CLO will be less effective because a CLO might have the ability to cover for your PPA while others maybe difficult for him.

2. Make a deal with your Local Government Inspectorc (LGI): This is the easiest way you can ghost your service. Just boldly work into the office of your LGI and tell him what you want. Most LGIs are runs man. They will even be happy to ghost you because they will be taking up to N10,000/per month from your allawee.

3. Strike a Deal With Your PPA: If you are able to negotiate well with your PPA by explaining things to them, they may permit you to be away from the PPA and just be on your own. You will tell them to keep any local allowance you are supposed to be paid. If there is any.
Your PPA will be issuing you the monthly clearance letter without even staying to render any service for them.

But it will still require you to be coming down to the NYSC office for the weekly CDS meeting and also to sign your monthly payment voucher.

Note: before you discuss ghosting business with any official, try to study that person very well maybe by asking questions to old corpers around that place. This is because if you discuss it with wrong official, your plan will 'cast', not only that he will refuse but he will start monitoring you.

Penalties When Caught As A Ghost Corper

1. Service Extention:
Your service year will be extended. So, it maybe extended to 3-month or 1-year without pay or half pay depending on the severity.

2. Allowance Forfeiture:
You will not be paid your monthly allowances.

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