How To Qualify For NYSC 2019 Batch 'A' Online Registration

In order to be enlisted to service for 2019 Batch 'A', you need to make sure the following are ready.
1. Statement of Results or Certificate: To get your statement of result from your school, you need to complete the final clearance, without that no NYSC for you.

2. Check if your name is on the Matricultion List => CIick Here to check it or cIick here for explanation
3. JAMB registration Number: If you don't have JAMB reg number, go and do 'JAMB Regularization' => CIick Here for details

4. Matriculation Number: This is the number that your school give to you, that you usually write on your 'answers script' during exams or quiz.

5. Bio Data (First name, middle name and surname well placed on your certificate). Make sure none of the three names is written with initial or abbreviated. Example: Okeke Michael. E or Okeke .M. Emeka is not acceptable.
But Okeke Michael Emeka is acceptable, so make sure your name is written in full.

6. Date of birth: Your date of birth must not exceed 30 years at the time you graduated.

7. Marital status: Married women are to ensure their Marriage certificates are intact, also newspaper change of name is required from married women, husband's id card, Utility bill etc

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8. Passport: You need a passport photograph, white background to be precise.

9. Final year ID card: Go to the Students' Affair Unit the school of graduation to request for it.

10. Sign up for NYSC: To sign up for NYSC, go to the Students' Affairs Unit in your school, they will give you mobilization form to fill. Fill it and submit it back to them.

Note: during the online registration, you will be asked to do a biometric capture (Thump Print).

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  1. as at 2019, please someone who graduated January and would clock 30years by October 14, can he still go for service by November?