Important information for 2018 Batch C Stream 1 Corps Members who applied for relocation

According to a memo released by the NYSC Directorate Headquarters, 2018 Batch C Stream 1 Corps Members that applied for relocation and has been approved, has been directed on what to do next.

Read below information "This is to inform you that in view of the short duration, between the close of the 2018 Batch 'C' Stream 1 orientation course and the commencement of Stream 2, approved relocations will be released at the close of Stream 1 orientation programme. However, all relocated Corps Members (2018 Batches 'B' and 'C') are expected to report in their state of relocation on the 10th of December, 2018.

2. All coordinators are requested to kindly sensitize Corps Members on the development.

3. This is for your guidance, please.

4. Thank you.

Ukonu, N. I. A. (Mrs)

Director Corps Mobilisation.

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