NYSC WhatsApp Group For 2019 Batch 'A' PCMs

The NYSC official WhatsApp group chat for 2019 Batch 'A' PCMs.

Before you join, read the following rules:

1. Only Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) are allowed to join.
2. Adverts are not allowed in the group.
3. Only discussions related to NYSC are allowed
To Join, follow any of the link below:
Note: If the first link did not work for you, try the second link, until you get the link that will work.
=>Time Table Information For 2019 Batch A


  1. When is d mobilization going to start?

  2. Enter your comment...09033718175

  3. Please I need to b added to any NYSC chat group for easy access to information...thanks

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  5. it's possible for mobilization in February

  6. Please am finding it difficult to add myself to d WhatsApp group, please can u jst add me up please 08169257098

  7. Please am finding it difficult to add myself to d WhatsApp group, please can u jst add me up please 08169257098

  8. Add me up .. 08163262711

  9. Platform full... Please add me 08166851234 on any available group

  10. Add me up please. 08036324916

  11. Pls am finding it difficult to add my self to d group.. Pls add me 08109597087.. Thanks

  12. I was enable to go with 2018 batch C due to d lately of uncorn of my school,but I saw my name on Senate list,please do I need to make a reverlidation again or I should just go directly and register when the registration comnce? Please throw mi more light

  13. Please some one should add me up also.....08168575523

  14. Please add me to the group +2348087806210

  15. All the links are revoked please add my mun 07063532852

    1. Kindly check the first two links, we just updated it

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