Poisonous Ants Attacks Corps Members In NYSC Orientation Camp

Corps Members lamented that the biggest challenge they had while in the NYSC orientation camp is the terrorist attack carried out by dangerous and poisonous ants called "Electric Ants" also known in Nigeria as "skirt-and-blouse".

This was made known by a post shared on the biggest NYSC Facebook group by a lady who is serving in Abia state.
Joy Jayyluv complained that the ants almost damaged her whole skin when she was observing her orientation course in the NYSC camp; reacting on her post, other corps members lamented that the poisonous ants were also in their camps and tormented them as well.

The blood of this ants contains a strong toxin called 'pederin' that can cause skin irritations. Therefore, it is not advisable to hit or crush the ants on any part of your body.
Once bitten by the ant, quickly wash that area of your body with antiseptic. 


  1. The ants attacked a lot of people in our camp too in old MacGregor camp in Ebonyi. Most people went home with story to tell but thank God I was not attacked but I killed a lot of it.

  2. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Same ants called Electric ants attack lots of people in Imo state Nysc camp, giving Corp members tribal mark on their face