Why You Should Not Travel To NYSC Camp Alone

Gentlemen Prospective Corps Members (PCMs), by now you must have been friendly with our website, otondo.com.ng.

Our mission here is to go beyond the border to make sure you get the most reliable and appropriate information.
If you have seen your call-up letter, make sure you travel to the orientation camp in group of your fellow PCMs, or at least go with one person who is equally a PCM like you. 
In the past, many PCMs have been kidnapped and some lost their lives. Don't just jump into a bus.

If you want to ask for road, ask those selling in shops, filling stations, hawkers etc. Don't ask someone who is just walking along the road and don't accept when the person say "follow me, I'm going towards your destination"

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  1. Anonymous3:08 am

    Good day admin,I was posted to crossriver and im going from Lagos, i couldnt get any flight to calabar till saturday.will i be allowed in camp??im really worried