2 Things Every Corps Member Should Do To Avoid Deaths By Accidents

Many Corps Members have died in active service. Some of this deaths are preventable, so this post is intended to at least sensitize every corps member which, hopefully, would reduce the rate of deaths amongst Corpers.
  •  Do you know that Corps Members die every year?
  • Do you know that 95% of this deaths are by accidents?
Below are the 2 Things Every Corps Member Should Avoid:

1. Do not visit streams or rivers: Many Corpers have been drowned. The truth is that some of these village rivers are evil; so, even if you know how to swim, DO NOT go near to any river or stream. 

2. Do not travel: Please, avoid travelling as much as you can, especially travelling without the NYSC approval. So many Corpers have died on road. DO NOT travel!

Below is the advice from a serving Corps Member, Orima Success:

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