Beautiful Female Corper Shares Love Letter She Recieved From SS 1 Student

A female member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) serving in Abia State has shared a love letter she recieved from one of her students who is in his SS1.
In the letter the SS1 student expressed his love and asked if she would accept him as her boyfriend.

He also let the female corper know that he had bought a Christmas gift for her.

Below is the content of the letter as share by Nkechi Vivian Chigwe,

"Dear Corper Nkechi,
How are you and how about your people
When you told us that you will travel for Christmas I felt bad because I know I will miss you. I want to use this Opportunity to tell you that I love you too much. That time you come to our clasd to teach us, I use to admire you. I know that you may senior me but can still love me because age is just a number. I cannot hold my feeling anymore, please, I want you to be my girl friend. I also bought a Xmas gift for you."

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