Meet A Corps Member Who Saved N99,760 From His NYSC Allawance Within Five Months

A male member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Samuel Chime, has challenged his colleagues to show their NYSC savings.
According to Samuel, he has not touched his NYSC allawance since five months of his service.
Samuel have saved a total of N99,760.73 from his NYSC allawance within five months. N19,800 × 5 = N99,000 but we believed his Bank must have paid him some interest.

He wrote;
"Oya where are my fellow saving corp
Members, it's been five months of saving.
Let's gather here for selfie."


  1. Bros no too brag o, no b only u sabi save ehnn?

  2. Anonymous7:17 am

    Maybe his parents are sending him money because he can't be serving where he is paying house rent and be saving such.