NYSC extends 2018 C remobilization to Saturday, 5th January 2019


The real truth about NYSC 2018 C Remobilization and Eligibility.

A. Which people are truly eligible for remobilization?


PCMs that have already registered on the NYSC portal, deployed to a certain state, reported and registered in the orientation camp, but absconded in camp or after camping due to one issue or the other.

Eg. After camping, Precious was posted to Comprehensive grammar school as her PPA and she didn't report to the school, because of one issue or the other and now she wants to return to service, she will now go ahead and Remobilize.

B. How can I go about the remobilization?


You are to visit the official NYSC portal, click on "Remobilization, 2018 C Ends on 05/01/2019" and proceed.

C. I was mobilized in the previous NYSC batch, I registered but missed the orientation camp because of one issue or the other. Am I eligible for NYSC 2018 C remobilization?

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Eg. Amina was deployed to Delta state for her NYSC, but she didn't report to the orientation camp because of one issue or the other.


No, you're not eligible for remobilization, but, you are eligible for revalidation.

D. How can I go about the revalidation?


NYSC has not started the revalidation process, but, it will be available when the NYSC portal finally opens for 2019 Batch A registration. Please note that the revalidation process is done automatically by NYSC.

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Written by Comrade Nnadi Goodluck Donhacklord and accessible at www.otondo.com.ng

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  1. Am confused if truly remobilization was done recently because I was not aware of that and all I do see online most of the time was registration is not on yet till after election but I am so confused if there is any remobilization done recently