You Are Jealous Of Our N39,600 - Batch 'C' Stream1 Corper Blasts Batch 'A' and Batch 'C' Stream2 Corpers

A male member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) of 2018 Batch 'C' Stream 1, serving in Jigawa State, with a Facebook user name, 'Ushie Sunday Ashiwere', has lamented that his colleagues in other batches, especially Batch 'A' and Batch 'C' stream2 are too greedy and jealous because the Federal Govt paid his 'batch' N39,600 being Nov&Dec allawances at once.

He write;
"Corpers are too greedy especially Batch A and C stream 2
Why are you angry because batch C stream 1 are recieving double allawance?
We know how we suffered when we were not paid in November but you guys were paid. So why the jealousy nah.


  1. Why is that most of the states have not receive their Allawee; like Anambra where am serving Batch C stream 1(UBA BANK)?

  2. Bayelsa State are yet to recieve the so called allowee

  3. Even Kebbi state too.

  4. Rivers state, we are yet to receive ours ooo

  5. hi
    i havent seen my alawee but all my friends have seen theirs
    i hope they wut deny it later because i cant go to the secretariat to complain again this year

  6. Anonymous7:14 am

    I haven't gotten mine too in Lagos. Does anyone know the possible reason for the delay

  7. also in lagos too and i havent see my alawee, batch C stream 1
    anyone with the same problem here pls